DicomBurn Reseller program

Nativate Systems develops Dicom Medical Imaging solutions for past one decade, having customers around the world. Our focus has been on quick, easy to use Dicom products. A growing part of DicomBurn success has been our Reseller & End users feedback. Our solutions are targeted at the distinct needs of customer requirements.

Advantages for you becoming an DicomBurn Reseller

- Competitive end-user pricing
- Only 6 license per quarter sales requirement
- Initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small Resellers
- The aggressive graduated discount structure ensures high returns for Resellers with high sales volumes
- DicomBurn does not undercut resellers on upgraded licenses
- As an DicomBurn Reseller, you would be our "boots on the ground" providing added value to your local customers.
- An extra discount program for Government/Hospitals/Universities/Charities having 10+ license requirement.

DicomBurn Resellers Exclusive

- Extended 1-year upgrade v. typical 6-months upgrade
- Free technical support, and rapid response
- Free product updates for the duration of the upgrade license - your customers will be assured of having the latest DicomBurn version
- The ease of installation and support, product stability and reliability, and the ease-of-use for your customer, makes your job easier
- DicomBurn is Dicom 3.X compliant - a standard supported across the world

How we will help you with more

- We are working on next version DicomBurn to include IHE compliant Jpeg images into CDs
- We are working on couple of other features such Scan to Dicom, Print Dicom images on standard printers, Edit Dicom etc.
- We are working on adding more media option for burning Dicom Images.
- We are all ears to your valuable suggestions.

A snippet of DicomBurn Customers Worldwide

Sistemas Médicos
Sistemas Médicos, SYMEDICS Chile Ltda. MAGAL Electrónica Ltda. Santiago, Chile

Cancer Treatment Institute
Cancer Treatment Institute - El Paso, TX, USA

X-Ray Service And Suppy Inc
X-Ray Service And Suppy Inc - Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Life Imaging & Healthcare Services, Inc - “Changing Conventional to Digital Imaging"- Hatillo, Puerto Rico

GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare IT - Eastern and Africa Growth Market

nauda medical group
Nauda Medical Group - London UK

Sur Hospital
Clinica Sugal S.A. Clisugalsa, Ecuador

medical imaging Singapore
Medical Imaging Pte Ltd - Singapore

Soldiers + Sailors Memorial Hospital
Soldiers + Sailors Memorial Hospital - PA, USA

Capital Radiology
Capital Radiology - Victoria, Australia

Mailing address DicomBurn resellers
MS Nativate Systems
247-2 Swamiji Park Rd.
WB 700133, India Tel: +1 347-627-0201 (U.S)
Columbia Imaging Inc.
9050-O Red Branch Rd.
Columbia MD 21045, U.S
Rua Tomas
Rodriguez Punxin 38 , Ourense,Spain

Symedics Chile Ltda.
Santiago - Chile
WEB: www.symedics.cl
E-mail : jeparra@symedics.cl
Phone : +562 225515823

Who are using it (Worldwide)

Henry Vega
Av. Las Heras 244, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Estado De Palestina 1047, Depto 11B, Almagro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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