PC CD/DVD/USB drive DicomBurn Settings

Step 1 - Finish DicomBurn Installation

DicomBurn Setup Guide

Step 2 - Select a CD/DVD or USB drive

- On DicomBurn screen, select CD/DVD or USB tab on the right side.

- Select a CD/DVD drive from the dropdown list. For USB, select working USB port as listed in USB tab.

- Insert a CD/DVD/USB stick in your PC.

Step 3 - Select CD/DVD or USB as target

- At DicomBurn middle screen, select an appropriate item from the target dropdown

Step 4 - DicomBurn CD/DVD/USB

- If a viewer is required, select a viewer from the Viewers dropdown, you can add new viewers by copying a new viewer folder into 'Viewers' folder at DicomBurn installation directory.
- Check if the AutoBurn mode is selected in DicomBurn, Now, push some studies to DicomBurn, and watch it.

Troubleshooting CD/DVD/USB Drive DICOM burning errors

Some instances, you will see a long error text showup at DicomBurn log area at bottom. That is almost likely your CD/DVD or USB drive is NOT working.

- For CD/DVD drives, if it is an internal drive, try new external drive. We found either the optical drive was corrupt, or bad CD/DVD is or forgotten to insert a disc.

- For USB drives, (A) check which USB port if you have selected, and (B) if that port still can read/write data. (A) & (B) are the two issues came to our attention.

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