Epson Disc Producers DicomBurn Settings

Step 1 - Finish DicomBurn Installation

DicomBurn Setup Guide

Step 2 - Install and configure Epson software

1. Epson Total Disc Maker

2. Epson Total Disc Setup

Register your printer as above.

3. Epson TD Bridge

During Epson TDBridge installation, change the default watch folder path to - C:\PTburnjobs
Download and install Epson TDBridge , always check Epson website for latest versions.
Epson PP-50 Robot require TD Bridge activation. Activate TD Bridge by clicking 'DiscProducerActivationTool.exe' in the TD Bridge installation directory.

4. Install Epson Total Disc Monitor

After all installations, you should have these five entries in Windows startup menu.

If your PC ask for a reboot, do it.

Step 3 - Print a demo CD

- Open Epson TD Bridge Environment settings and check the default, input/out/stacker selections.

- Open Epson Total Disc Monitor and see if the message says it is ready for publishing.

- Open Epson Total Disc Maker, create a Job for the printer, make sure to add few files for burning and choose a label file for printing.

- Burn it to the new printer.

- Check the CD content and the label

- If all is not good, fix the printer/printing parameters, ink, lid, whatever to get the pending job done.

Step 4 - Print a DICOM Disc

- Keep the Epson Total Disc Monitor running, this will give the real time progress/error updates.

- On DicomBurn screen select the Burn target as Epson CD or Epson DVD based on the Epson TD Bridge Environment settings, And put CD or DVDs accordingly into the printer.

- If a viewer is required, select a viewer from the Viewers dropdown, you can add new viewers by copying a new viewer folder into 'Viewers' folder at DicomBurn installation directory.

- Check if the AutoBurn mode is selected in DicomBurn, Now, push some studies to DicomBurn, and watch it.

Step 5 - Change label design

If all is good, you can change the DicomBurn default label file to your facility name, logo, a new design etc.

There are two copies of the designer file, one is at DicomBurn installation directory, which works as a backup, and the worker version is at C:\PTBurnJobs\[user name folder], the file is cdlabel.tdd. Open it in Epson Total Disc Maker, and do the changes, keep a backup of the original cdlabel.tdd, and replace the two copies with the new one.

Do not edit the {DICOM} fields in the designer file, you may however re-arrange or hide them.

Troubleshooting Epson Disc Printer errors

To check if DicomBurn is creating jobs for the printer, go to C:\PTBurnjobs folder, and look into the [computer user name] folder as if the new job files are being created there.
Do check the TD Bridge Environment settings again if the watch folder is set to C:\PTBurnJobs

Check the TDBStatus.txt file for any potential issues. If you find a 'ERROR' code in TDBStatus.txt , search the Error code in TD Bridge Troubleshooting guide.

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