DicomBurn is a vendor neutral CD, DVD Burning solution for Medical Images with built-in DICOM Server and optional DICOM CD Printing and DICOM USB Exchanging feature.

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Yes, all you need to select is the PACS archive location. DicomBurn can automatically import & burn studies from your PACS storage location - as and when studies are created. You can also browse and select certain DICOM files for burning.

Please make sure the PACS and the DicomBurn server ports and AE titles are not same. If required, on the DicomBurn screen you can reset the DicomBurn server port by entering a new port number and clicking the Reset Server button. You can also change the DicomBurn AE title.

DicomBurn does not require a dedicate PC to operate. It just works like a PACS software. You can install DicomBurn in your PACS workstation or any office PC. The PC IP should be visible from where the studies would be sent.

There is no cap on how many studies would be burned. The burning process is instant. It is all done in couple of seconds; the application will prompt to remove the USB after the burning process is completed. For regular CD/DVD drive, it will take the usual burning time to burn a CD. If you are printing out CD labels with Primera disc publishers, depending on the publisher, it would take a few minutes to burn.

Yes, it can be included. DicomBurn has a quick viewer switching option. Copy your viewer folder into the DicomBurn's Viewers folder, and restart the application. You will find the new viewer name in the Viewers drop down box, select it before burning. DicomBurn will save the name as a default viewer for burning.

We do not offer to sell the Primera or Epson Printers. It should be procured locally as - the hardware maintenance contract be executed by a local Primera, Epson vendors. Primera, Epson printers are available worldwide. Primera websites are - www.primera.com, www.primera.eu, www.primera-ap.com. www.epson.eu, A good duel drive Primera printer can cost around US$3000 in the U.S. Single drive models would be cheaper. However, the model prices vary worldwide. If you are from Chicago, IL, we can help you with a Primera dealer.

Yes, the DicomBurn Disc Publisher for Primera Printers - in the DicomBurn installed directory there is a cdlabel.std file, for Epson printers there is a cdlabel.tdd file; You can edit these template files with SureThings, TDBridge CD designer software. Or, send us your CD layout design and we shall put it together into the template for no charge.

Changing the disc layout or the display fields, is free of charge with DicomBurn Disc Publisher licenses. Please send us a desired CD layout & the display field names; we will work together for a nice CD layout for your facility.

DicomBurn works with any standard USB drive. We do not sell hardware; we would glad to provide some pointers for buying low cost USB sticks with customized color and skin.

DicomBurn lists all the active USB drives automatically as they are made available; So there could be two USB HDD in two ports. DicomBurn let the users to select a default USB port that should be used by DicomBurn. However, if no default port was selected, DicomBurn will accept the first active drive available. DicomBurn will auto eject the current USB media after burning the studies.

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