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For license pricing, volume discounts, please see the table below -

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Quantity Unit price
1 725.00 USD
2 - 5 650.00 USD
6 + 550.00 USD

- If you or your client is a small practise - use the coupon: Summer$100 for a $75.00 discount.
- Licenses are valid for lifetime. Six months free upgrade and one year technical support are included.
- For wire transfer information, please contact us.
- Please email us for a commercial invoice if the one sent from the Payment company is not adequate.
- For disc printing, please buy a Epson Disc Producer or Primera Disc Publisher from a local store because the hardware warranty must be provided by a local tech. If disc printing is irrelevant, try this on a PC CD/DVD drive.

We can help coordinating Epson or Primera disc producer dealers in your location to configure the setup. Please ask a dealer to contact us.

If you are facing any issue in placing an order, please contact the payment help desk at

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Henry Vega
Av. Las Heras 244, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Estado De Palestina 1047, Depto 11B, Almagro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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