Low cost, high speed medical CD/DVD production

Clinica los andes DicomBurn production

Nativate DicomBurn

Least expensive process for automating patient imaging disc burning and labelling system.

DICOM push or query/retrieve studies from diagnostic imaging modality, PACS workstations for automated imaging discs production.

Include any portable DICOM viewers. DicomBurn can perform as medical image archiving & distribution solution.

Setup DicomBurn with a CD printer and send studies to DicomBurn AE, DicomBurn shall take care of DICOM disc publishing process.

DicomBurn can also be setup with PC CD burner and USB drives.

Vendor Neutral

DicomBurn works with any DICOM compliant imaging modalities and PACS systems. Creates Image archive & DICOMDIR as vendor neural archive (VNA).

Auto Labelling

DicomBurn software integrates most models of Epson and Primera disc publisher robots. Create custom designed disc labels and auto-print patient & study informations.

DICOM Viewer

DicomBurn can include portable DICOM viewers of users choice. Any DICOM viewer that supports standard DICOMDir should be able to be included for burning.

Disc Settings

DicomBurn can automaticaly choose disc types (CD, DVD, DVD-DL) based on user defined archive size limit. This option is available on dual drive disc producers.

DICOM disc production cost

Primera DICOM Burner production

Auto labelling requires Primera Disc Publisher or a Epson Discproducer. These robots are like regular paper printers but they burn & print on discs. It doesn't cost a fortune to purchase one. It reduces manpower, time compared to traditional film printing.

DicomBurn Interface

Clinica iram DICOM CD

One screen simple UI allows defining burner-printer settings, DICOM network parameters; You can query/retrieve studies, select a DICOM viewer, visualize incoming studies, job queues, and the disc publishing process.

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