How to Burn DICOM CDs

Burning imaging CDs for patients offers advantages - including portability, greater storage capacity, lower cost, uniform DICOM protocols to import digital images into your PACS. It also addresses imaging informatics billing for outside studies. Radiology and nuclear medicine facilities that perform a lot of mammography rely heavily on prior studies. In many cases, the imaging CDs are for comparisons. Viewing a DICOM CD is rather easier to multiple patients films.

DICOM CD Storage And Distribution

As patients carry their medical images from imaging facilities to referring physicians, between healthcare providers; smaller community hospitals, cancer treatment facilities, trauma centers etc. has to determine whether it has the resources receive, store and sort large amounts of imaging films over the patient discs. Accepting imaging CDs, imaging facilities need to get the images from the discs to the radiologists. Technologists or a clerk load the images into PACS.

DICOM Disc Publisher application helps labelling the imaging discs correctly.

Vendor Neutral DICOM Burner

Imaging CD readability can be a barrier to radiologists, surgeons who are trying to study the CD/DVD images. Many CDs don’t comply with DICOM formats, conformance; often have different compression levels; others launch their own image viewers, which may not be compatible with facilities infrastructure.

Vendor neutral DICOM CD Burner such as DicomBurn addresses such downtimes.

Percentage of film based studies are decreasing. Patients more frequently request CDs to take to other institutions, also there is a greater demand from clinicians for prior studies. Overall, A medical image disc has became an integral part of patient care.

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