Dicom CD Burner

Burn Dicom Images to CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Discs
DicomBurn a is an automated DICOM CD Burner solution with a built-in DICOM server/Dicom network communicator. Burn DICOM CD Images, DICOM DIR, Radiology Reports, DICOM Viewers to CD/DVD, Blu-Ray Discs connecting PACS Systems, Imaging Hardware, and DICOM converters such as NAI Dicom Box. DicomBurn creates DICOM archives that are Vendor Neutral.
DicomBurn Demo for PC CD/DVD Drives

Burn DICOM CD/DVDs wherever images are created

DicomBurn application is a centralized DICOM CD Burning System. Browse in DICOM Images, or dump DICOM Images into a DropBox folder and auto create DICOM CDs. CD burning can also be done by Dicom-Store command from Imaging Hardware, PACS Systems. DicomBurn Auto-Burn CD feature facilitates burning DICOM Images straightaway from PACS workstations, Imaging Modalities, and Modality Worklist Servers (MWL). DicomBurn can be installed in PACS workstations and standard office PCs. DicomBurn Kiosk/Silent mode can run in the background and create Dicom CDs whenever Medical Images are sent from on-site or off-site Dicom Imaging Network.

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Built-in self-modulated DICOM SCU

DicomBurn has a built-in DICOM server/DICOM network communicator. This Dicom server accepts incoming studies, creates DICOM Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), a DicomDIR (DICOM Directory), includes a DICOM viewer if chosen, and burns the archive to attached CD/DVD drive. The entire process of CD/DVD burning is fully automated, and no operator is required.

Auto Import DICOM files from a DICOM DropBox

A predefined DropBox folder can be located at a local or networked location. DicomBurn shall monitor the folder for new DICOM archives. If found, DicomBurn shall auto import, and burn the studies to Patient CDs.


DicomBurn DICOM Q/R module can query and retrieve studies in PACS/Modality machines. Options to download images by Studies, Series, or instances.

Burn existing DICOM viewers

DicomBurn contains a DICOM viewer repository. Your favorite viewer could be added into the available viewers list by copying the new viewer folder into the DicomBurn's 'Viewers' folder. On CD insertion the DICOM viewer shall popup displaying the images. All IHE complaint viewers (or other viewers that support a standard DICOM directory) will auto-play from DicomBurn CD/DVD.

Vendor neutral DICOM image archiving & medical image exchanging

Some imaging facilities may need to burn multiple patient studies at once for in-house study archiving. DicomBurn can burn many medical images in one CD, or one study per CD. At 'Burn separately' option, DicomBurn burns one study to one CD and auto-ejects the burned CD. And then burns again on the next CD insertion, so that creates one study in one CD for individual patients CD distribution.

System Requirements

- Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
- 32 bit or 64 bit

- 1 GB memory
- 2 GB disk space (based on study size)
- A standard CD/DVD drive

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