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Dicom CD Burner

Dicom Images to CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Discs

DicomBurn application is an automated Dicom CD Burner solution with a built-in Dicom server/Dicom network communicator, creates Dicom CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Discs. CD/DVD burning happens automatically as Dicom Images are sent from PACS Systems, Imaging Modalities, Worklist (MWL) Servers, NAI Dicom Box, or any on-site/remote Dicom Imaging Network. can be installed in PACS workstations and standard office PCs.

Dicom CD Publisher

Dicom CD Printing, Labelling & Disc Burning

Radiology/Medical CD Publishing with DicomBurn and Primera Disc Publishers

Dicom Disc Publisher is a operator-less/standalone Dicom CD burning and label printing solution. DicomBurn software integrates with Primera CD Publishers for printing customized labels on CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs. Dicom Disc Publisher automatically gathers disc label data from Dicom images and create patient label CDs. Options include adding Dicom Viewers, kiosk/silent mode burner, single or multiple studies per disc.

Dicom USB Burner

Distribute Dicom Studies to Portable Memory Drives

Dicom USB Burner application burns Dicom studies to USB drives such as memory sticks, , dongles, external HDDs. The process is simple as select all imaging studies and dicom-send to a USB HDD drive as an easy backup for offices with no backup and low tech skills. Similarly a USB pen drive could be used for quick random backups, or hand out study images to radiologists, referrals or in an outpatient facility. Imprinted Dicom USB sticks having Imaging facility name, logo, Image acquisition details can be distributed to patients.

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